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OUTER BEAUTY: Colorful Show and Smell

July is lavender harvest time, so now begins the opportunity to decorate and scent your home with fresh lavender! If you don't have lavender growing in your garden, or your local nursery or florist doesn't carry it…fear not I have found resources for fresh lavender and more! There are different kinds of lavender, which offer a range of colors and fragrance. The aromas range from sweet and herbaceous, to sharp and astringent. Like wine, lavender is often blended to produce a particular aroma. If you are trying lavender for the first time, and don't care for it, keep on trying. You are bound to find one you like!

You can buy fresh lavender and have it shipped to you FREE from:
Labyrinth Hill Farm in Hansville, Washington

Dried lavender is beautiful too, and its fragrance can be enhanced regularly with a few drops of essential oil. I love this compact table top arrangement and unique wall mounted arrangement from:
Lavender Green
Scroll down the page for those items

You can find more dried lavender creations including a bountiful free-standing sheaf and beautiful wreaths and garlands at:
Essence de Provence

For more private viewing, scent your closets and drawers with beautifully crafted lavender wands, handcrafted from fresh lavender and satin ribbons at:
Let's Do Lavender

If you have the time and inclination, the Internet will provide you with all of the dried lavender and directions you need to craft your own decorative pieces. Just keep in mind, that if you are planning to enjoy the fragrance of your creations, be sure that you buy lavender that has not been treated with preservatives of any kind.

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