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Style Update

Some things in life don't change. Being human has always generated some form of stress, and people continue to seek new ways to manage it. Today many of our latest discoveries like yoga and meditation are revivals of ancient practices. So is the incorporation of fine design into our everyday lives.


Then people claimed to suffer from the "vapors" (unbalanced mental and/or physical states).   Today we get "stressed out".   Then they used aromatic vinegars to mitigate the symptoms.   Today we use aromatic essential oils and we call it aromatherapy.   Then one could attend to herself with style, inhaling therapeutic aromas from a beautiful silver vinaigrette.   Today, with the introduction of elegant AROMAWEAR aromatherapy jewelry and accessories you can do it in style once again! Each sterling silver or gold vermeil piece contains an interchangeable wick, which you infuse with your choice of oil or fragrance. You are invited to view and purchase the AROMAWEAR Collection and Young Living Oils at: WWW.AROMAWEAR.COM.

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