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APRIL 2008
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The “Pleasure Factor” Message from Cathy Gins

When I discovered aromatherapy, I thought it was too good to be true. It was such a pleasure to smell the aromatic essential oils I couldn't believe it was actually good for me. Ahhh, the "pleasure factor" …the antidote for the tired and dry incentive: do it just because "it's good for you". My teacher once said that the best wellness practice is the one that you will actually do! So, when you find a practice that also feels good, smells good, tastes good, or looks good, it's a pleasure to maintain your well-being (aside from all of the benefits that it provides).

The use of aromatic plant essences for health and well-being (aromatherapy) is not new. Its use goes back thousands of years, and has taken many forms.

Nor is enjoyment of elegant and personalized aromatherapy accessories. Our culture has lost sight of the power of beauty in this last century of technological advances. That's why my inspiration for the Aromawear collection reaches back to the 18th and19th centuries when elegance and utility were happily married. Read more about it in the article called "Elegant Vinaigrette Dressing".

I welcome you to this first issue of Well-Being In Style. Every month I will draw on my experience and passion as a designer and healer to offer you tools and inspiration to enhance your inner and outer beauty. I look forward to reading your comments. Your feedback is important to me because in our busy lives, the best newsletter is the one that is also a pleasure to read!


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