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OUTER BEAUTY:  Vicks or Vixen?

Vicks vapor rub has been around for generations because it really works.  Its active ingredients are the essential oils of camphor, menthol and eucalyptus, which provide relief from nasal congestion, cough and sinus headache (in addition to their antibacterial properties).  Now, a gentler and better smelling version is available.  The camphor and menthol have been replaced with lavender and rosemary oil which can provide similar benefits but are gentle enough for babies.  Essential oils that are good for killing airborne germs and providing relief from cold and flu symptoms don't have to smell bad!  There are many effective oils to choose from... no doubt you will find some that you enjoy.

Here is a list of the top 6 oils that kill respiratory tract germs when diffused: cinnamon bark; lemongrass; thyme; peppermint; melaleuca; and lavender.
Others include eucalyptus; basil; clove; oregano; ravensara; perilla, tea tree; coriander; rosemary; and citron. Particularly effective for coughs are the addition of wintergreen: spearmint; spruce; pine or balsam fir.  All of these oils can be effective for prevention, healing and symptom management.

"Smelling" versus "Smelling Of"

Effective as it is, rubbing petroleum jelly on your chest or under your nostrils in order to breathe the therapeutic aromas isn't very sexy... particularly if you are smartly dressed and on the go!  That's when you can use elegant aroma-diffusing jewelry worn high on your neck so that the aromatic vapors are delivered to your nose and mouth.  As the oils have not been applied directly to your skin, you can take it of at any time.  Just like the oils, your choice of aromatic jewelry is a personal one... though there fewer good choices out there then there are oils.  That is why AROMAWEAR was created... so you have the same benefits as applying Vicks, but look still look like a Vixen!

The Royal Treatment

Aromawear’s Royal Locket is the perfect design for the job.  In a dramatic testimonial, Mary H from North Carolina called to report that she needed to get another Royal Locket from Aromawear.  Apparently, she had loaned hers to a friend who was sleeping with oxygen every night.  Her friend filled the aroma diffusing locket with eucalyptus oil and wore it to bed.  Since then, she has given up the oxygen in favor of the locket, and won’t give it back to Mary!

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