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OUTER BEAUTY Glaring Fashion Mistakes That Keep You From Seeing Clearly

Its not always easy to be able to look great and see well at the same time. The most glamorous sunglasses may not have the right lenses to protect you from the harmful rays of sun or cut blinding glare, and the cutest hat that doesn't mash down your hair, may not provide adequate shade for your eyes. Here are some tips on choosing the accessories that will have you looking good and seeing clearly.

It's Up to the Brim in Hats

White hats are perfect for reflecting the sun and heat. Dark colored hats absorb the heat and will make you feel hotter. When it comes to hats and visors, not all brims are created equal. While size does count, so does the color on the underside of the brim. Even while it provides some shade, under certain light conditions like a light sandy beach, or if you are floating on the water, white fabric under the brim will reflect light onto your face, neck and shoulders,.and besides adding glare, can give you an unexpected burn.

Can't find one with a dark under-brim? Try Walker's Hat Shop where you can order white hats with your choice of color for the underside of the brim.

UV Protection in Any Color

Besides the discomfort and distraction of glare, everyone is at risk for eye damage from the sun year-round. The risk is greatest from about 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fishermen, farmers, beach-goers, and others who spend time in the sun for extended periods are at highest risk. UV radiation in sunlight is commonly divided into UVA and UVB, and your sunglasses should block both forms. Price or designer labels are no indication of UV protection Look for a label that specifically states that the glasses offer 99 percent to 100 percent UV protection. You could also ask an eye-care professional to test your sunglasses if you're not sure of their level of UV protection. Sunglasses should be dark enough to reduce glare, but not dark enough to distort colors and affect the recognition of traffic signals. Tint is mainly a matter of personal preference.

Polarized Lenses Cut Extreme Glare

Polarizing lenses selectively absorb horizontally reflected glare from surfaces such as water or roadways to improve visibility.  These are a favorite of mine, but sometimes they are so effective you can't read digital read out on your dashboard, so be careful not to speed!

War Paint?

Did you ever wonder why athletes wear black grease paint under their eyes?  Is it like a tribal ritual or does it serve a real purpose? Athletes on the field cannot safely wear sunglasses, so they wear hats and use the greasy stuff called "eye black" to cut the glare.  So of course, the branding world decides to get into the act and make black stickers with endorsement logos to replace the messy stuff, and generate some revenue along the way.  But guess what!  They have tested both, and the messy grease is more effective, and the stickers hardly do anything at all (except looking cool and advertising).

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