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OUTER BEAUTY: You can smell the roses without stopping…

Aromatherapy baths, massages and facials; aromatherapy candles and diffusers are wonderful ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils but all of these methods require that we stay with a practitioner or in one environment to use the oils.
We often need to manage stress and keep up our energy and concentration, when we are on-the-go, and aromatherapy jewelry is the perfect solution. It is a safe and elegant way to experience the essence of rose (or any fragrance) wherever you are. In addition to being portable, here are 5 advantages it offers as an alternative to applying oils directly to your skin or to your clothing.


1)  It allows you to modulate your exposure to the aroma. Rose oil for example, has an aroma often considered to be "intoxicating",. If you apply too much to your skin or clothing, it is difficult to wash off, and can be overwhelming.
2)  People with skin sensitivity to natural essential oils or fragrance can enjoy the aroma without risking an allergic reaction (most fragrances use synthetic oils and are much more likely to cause a reaction)
3)  The aroma is not altered by the natural oils from your skin. When the oils or fragrance we apply interacts with our unique body chemistry, it changes the aroma, sometimes making it less appealing.
4)  The moment an aroma is applied to your skin or clothing, it starts to evaporate. Not all of the components of an aroma evaporate evenly, so putting on a lot of fragrance all at once does not mean the orginal aroma lasts longer. Aromas that are diffused from a jewelry piece evaporate mkore slowly and helps to maintain a balanced fragrance over a longer period of time. With no need to reapply.
5)  Aromatherapy jewelry gives you the option to change aromas and control the amount of exposure you want. A quality piece if aromatherapy jewelry allows you to change wicks easily , or remove it totally if you choose to have an aroma-free environment.

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Aromawear's Secret Locket design is perfect for potent and expensive oils like rose. Its disposable 100% pure wool wick will not compromise this precious oil. The wick is placed in the inner locket chamber and a few drops of oil are applied. The inner locket with its filigree door is then closed to keep the wick in place while allowing you to inhale the aroma. The outside cover is closed between inhalations allowing you to control your exposure to the oils and protecting them from evaporation at the same time.

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