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INNER BEAUTY: Happiness On A Budget.

Happiness is an emotion associated with feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense joy.  Emotions are produced in the brain and can be triggered by things real, remembered or imagined.  Most of us have mastered the art of physically having or doing something that makes us feel happy.  Those who prefer to dwell on their happy memories, or are prone to fantasy are often judged to be stuck in the past, or disconnected from reality.  Technically, that is not the case.

All Present and Accounted For

All consciousness is experienced in the present, whether it is sense, perceptions, or thoughts and feelings about the past or future.  All of these experiences affect our consciousness and the biochemical cells of our bodies.

Buy none, get one free!

In additon to generating the "experience" of happiness in our physical world by owning or doing something, we can create happy experiences in our mind with techniques such as guided imagery and creative visualization.  We can enjoy thinkings about the blessings we have in our lives and happy experiences from the past.  Memories not easily recalled, can be accessed through psychological exporation and hypnosis or...

Sniff out this shortcut to happiness

Or quicker yet, you can smell your way there.  Countless scientific studies have demonstrated the power of scent to transform our experience.  This is because our olafactory sysytem, which controls our sense of smell is our only sensory pathway that is in direct contact with the brain.  Olfactory neurons are in contact with the limbic center of the brain, which regulates our emotions and memory.
For some, smelling the aroma of vanilla can transport them back to their grandmother's kitchen and the happy experience of love and safety associated with that time.  The smell of coconut can be a free ticket to the experience of a sunny beach resort where you used suntan lotion made with coconut oil.  Just the creation of the image in your mind can trigger a relaxation response!

Stimulating sensations

Different aromas can not only trigger memories, but can stimulate sensations in the body and mind that are associated with happiness.  What makes people feel happy is different for everyone including feeling peaceful, euphoric, invigorated, sensual, loving, feeing loved, acknowledged, beautiful, rich or simply feeling safe.  What is happiness for you?  And, how can you get there faster?

That "pleasure factor"

You will find thousands of oils and fragrances out there to choose from, many of which will produce similar effects. Your choice will be a very personal one.  There is only one strict guideline to which you must adhere for this method to be effective: if you don't like the scent, don't use it!  Unless you like punishing yourself to find happiness, your prescription must include pleasure.

Heaven from Pennies

It only takes a few drops of aromatic oil or a few spritzes of fragrance to alter your experience.  If the smell of expresso coffee mentally transports you a sidewalk café in Paris, you can save a lot of money on airfare!  If you want to take your experience with you, fill an AROMAWEAR jewelry or accessory piece with scent and enjoy it whenever you want to, where ever you go!  You can view and purchase the collection at

Read all about it

While both natural and synthetic aromas have the power to create feelings of well-being from a psychological standpont (which can also produce a sense of physical well-being) if you are interested in physical benefits like pain managemnt, relief of respiratory symptoms, immune support and other therapuetic treatments, you will use aromatic (natural and pure) essential oils.  Consulting a trained aromatherapist or trusted resource is your best bet, but if you don't know one, don't sweat.  In past issues of this newsletter (see archives) you can read about the specific aromatic benefits of lavender, rose and peppermint, however information about all natural essential oils is available on the web.  As so much of the information is anectdotal, it is recommended that you consult several resources in your inquiry.

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