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INNER BEAUTY: Change Your Mood With Fragrance

“Smell was the very first sense to evolve and is located in the same part of the brain that processes emotion, memory, and motivation.  To our ancestors, the sense of smell wasn’t just important, it was crucial to existence and remains so today.  Our emotional, physical and even sexual lives are shaped by both our reactions to and interpretations of different smells” - Rachel Herz Ph.D. from her fascinating book on the psychology of fragrance called The Scent of Desire.  So how will the fragrance you choose to wear affect your mood?  And does this apply to synthetic and natural fragrances alike?

Mood and Fragrance: The Bottom Line

No two people will have the same response to a given fragrance.  Our reactions to and interpretations of different smells are based on our personal experience.  In stimulating emotion, memory, and motivation, our physical body is also affected.

  • A good association with a smell = pleasure = good mood = positive physicals effects including: relaxation; endorphin release; vitality; and improved health.
  • A bad association with a smell = stress = bad mood = negative physical effects including increased blood pressure, heart rate; muscle tension; fatigue; and pain sensitivity.
  • No association with a smell = neutral (positive associations can be intentionally created).
  • While pure essential oils offer additional physical benefits, synthetics, when inhaled, have also proven effective in studies on emotion, memory and motivation.

A Portable Arsenal of Fragrances

The traditional application of fragrance to ones skin has its joys and limitations.  As the fragrance oils mingle with the natural oils of your skin, a unique scent will emerge.  But what if you want to change your fragrance and your mood ?  First you need to wash it off.  Perfumers work hard to develop special formulas so that fragrances will last…and many do seem to outlast a hearty dose of soap and water.   Also, how practical is it to carry around an assortment of glass bottles so you can be prepared for unexpected shifts in mood?  AROMAWEAR Jewelry and Accessories have been designed with just these considerations in mind.  Your mood-enhancing scent is diffused from inside these elegant silver and gold vermeil pieces, it never touches your skin.  Using its interchangeable wicks, one can change fragrances in a heart beat.  Small air-tight wick cases allow you to pre-scent and label an assortment of wicks, and easily carry a complete arsenal of your favorite aromas with you in the pretty Aromawear pouch.   Isn't this the "mood jewelry" that you would rather have?

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