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INNER BEAUTY: Well-being in a bottle

Sounds great…but which one?
Well-being, the accepted term for "the contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous", is pretty subjective.  It's no surprise then, that choosing an essential oil to enhance your state of well-being will be too.  With over 300 naturally occurring essential oils, and thousands of blends on the market today, (many of which can provide similar benefits)...  how does one choose?

Where to begin?
Start with pure essential oil BLENDS (fragrance oils, while smelling similar do not have the same therapeutic effects).  Aromatherapy blends are named by the benefits they provide, so you can make a choice without having to study the chemical constituents of 300 oils, and the countless recipes that have evolved over thousands of years.  Just like choosing a multi-vitamin over having to take varying doses of multiple vitamins, the work is done for you.  And just like with any recipe, the aromas and their effectiveness may vary.  Of course there are many single oils that are effective on their own, but if you are overwhelmed by the choices, start with blends.

A blend is a blend is a blend---NOT!
Just like you like some people's cooking better than others, and each cook may have his or her special dishes, the Goldilocks approach will work again.
Sample it!  The porridge that was too hot for her, might have been just right for you.  If you have access to a store that carries essential oils, they usually have testers for you to try. Some companies sell sampler kits, which is particularly helpful if you are buying your oils online.   Don't expect to find free samples of oils, like you do with fragrance.  Most fragrances use synthetic oils which are much less expensive than pure, and they dilute these synthetic oils in alcohol.

My favorite
Over the last 10 years I have sampled hundreds of aromatherapy blends from a variety of essential oil companies.  I often find one or two great blends in their collection, but don't care for the others. (I define "great blend" as having effective ingredients AND an appealing aroma).
My favorite source for "great" blends is Young Living Oils.  They are created by founder Gary Young, who is a true master of the art and science of aromatherapy.  They offer a whopping 75 different blends to get you back on track from whatever physical, emotional or spiritual detour life has taken you on. There are generally 3 opportunities to try these oils.

  1. Young Living is the oil preferred by many professional massage therapists and body workers. If you are in for a treatment, ask if you can try some.
  2. Young Living is sold by distributors worldwide, but very few stores. If you know either a customer or a distributor, ask if you can experience their collection. Don't be shy, people love to share a good thing.
  3. As with most companies, Young Living does not offer a blend sampler; which is why...

I made one for you!
There are 7 oils in the Aromawear Sampler Pack which address 7 key aspects of well-being. The oils in this set have been applied to the wicks for your AROMAWEAR pieces, however you may also apply the oil on them to your body. (always test a patch first for allergic reaction)


And of course, if you like any of the Young Living Oils or wish to try their Essential 7 single oils and blends kit click here to go through the link on the AROMAWEAR site.

In addition to oils and other wonderful products, you will find opportunities to get special pricing by choosing to be a preferred customer or a distributor yourself!

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