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APRIL 2008 Newsletter <<

The Legend of Four Thieves Vinegar

In the 1630's, when the plague was raging in France, the town of Toulouse was beset with thieves. Four particular thieves were apprehended, and rather than punish them, the judge offered them a deal. Amazed at their continued health after wandering through homes and businesses abandoned by their terrified (or dead) owners, the judge offered to let the thieves go if they gave him the secret of their resistance to the plague. What was their famous secret? It was a vinegar made by the mother of one of the thieves, wild crafted from local herbs. It is said that they covered their mouth and nose with a mask soaked in this herbal vinegar and thus protected themselves from the dreaded germs. The thieves were put to death anyway, but their vinegar lives on.

In fact now that we are in flu season, the Thieves blend of essential oil is the perfect thing to use in your AROMAWEAR jewelry. I recommend placing a few drops in your "Royal Circle Locket" worn close to the neck so that the antibacterial and antiviral properties of this pleasant aroma are within breathing range. Perfect for crowded places and enclosed spaces..I never travel without it.

What was the recipe for their famous vinegar? It was made from plants and herbs whose essential oils had antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. As there are many oils with these attributes, it is no surprise that there are many recipes that claim to be the "original". Most recipes include one or more of the following ingredients: rosemary; sage; lavender and thyme. The combination of herbs was cold brewed in apple cider vinegar and stored from 4-6 weeks before the plants were strained out. Although garlic was added to the mixture later, this basic infusion became famous, and was used for hundreds of years, both internally and externally, to provide protection from the dreaded plague.

You can easily make this antiseptic and antibacterial aromatic vinegar yourself. There are many versions of this recipe available on the internet. You can also use it as a topical spray to disinfect surfaces -- including skin -- and/or you can take it as a tincture. Today one can have a more concentrated form of "Thieves" blend by blending these powerful essential oils extracted from the plants without vinegar. These oils are potent, and just inhaling the vapors is a powerful tool in preventive health.

The most popular (and best) Thieves Oil blend is made today by Young Living Oils. In addition to their proprietary pure essential oil blend, they offer a personal and home care product line made from this recipe which includes: rosemary; clove; lemon; cinnamon, and eucalyptus. In addition to being effective, it also has a pleasurable aroma! You can buy Thieves essential oil from your YL distributor, or by clicking here.

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